please love yourself and never ever ever upgrade to windows 8

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do you ever just hear a certain lyric and your throat feels like it’s closing up bc it hits you that hard

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Alex Turner watching Miles Kane perform

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i turn every conversation into a conversensation haha am i right kids

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yeah i like the Smiths uve probably never heard of them… i wear crop tops and platform sandals .… smoke marlboros all the tim e… i love aliens and the 90’ s„.. got a flannel tied around my waist and two lil side braid s… i like looking at the sky…. . aestheti c

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sexual orientation: musicians

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Arctic Monkeys, Indianapolis, IN +
Arctic Monkeys, Indianapolis, IN +

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I actually think this was one of my favorite and most powerful scenes in the show. Kate Mulgrew expertly portrayed the hurt we’ve all felt at one point or another when we were ostracized by people we wanted so desperately to be accepted by and the fact that this feeling knows no boundaries of age.

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this had to be done

this had to be done

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do u ever play loud sad music and lie down on your bed and stare at the ceiling because life is fuckin hard man what’s up with that

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Isn’t it relaxing?Just seeing the snow quietly flow down, makes you calm.

This is so perfect I want to cry



Isn’t it relaxing?
Just seeing the snow quietly flow down, makes you calm.

This is so perfect I want to cry

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a summary of my day: no